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How to Clean Your Windows Without Chemicals

Chemicals are in so many products now and, unfortunately, they’re not just bad for the environment but they’re also bad for your health! Most window cleaning chemicals contain Ammonia (a highly toxic chemical) and 2-Butoxyethanol (a strong irritant). So you want to avoid window cleaning chemicals as much as you can! But how exactly can you clean your home without using chemicals – especially the windows? Thankfully, there are multiple cleaning methods you can use to keep your windows clean without using chemicals.

The Benefits of Cleaning Without Chemicals

Cleaning your windows without chemicals has numerous benefits, including drastically reducing streaks, keeping your windows clean for longer, and making your home smell pleasant. We know how transformative clean windows can be for your home, so we hope you find our tips for cleaning windows without chemicals helpful.

Clean Your Windows with Water

When cleaning our homes, many of us don’t really think about the power of water. Of course, it doesn’t kill germs, but water can have a powerful cleaning effect on your windows. Simply giving your windows a wipe over with a damp cloth can get rid of those hand-prints and dirty marks. However, it is important to consider the kind of water you use as the content of your water can influence cleanliness – particularly if you have hard water. The best water to use for cleaning your windows is distilled as it won’t leave any streaky marks.

The Magic Power of Vinegar

One of the best alternative to chemical cleaning products is vinegar. Not only is vinegar an exceptional cleaning product, but it is all natural, great for cleaning glass and doesn’t fill your home with chemical fumes. Although vinegar may not work for the cleaning in every area of your home, it is useful for cleaning your windows.

Simply mix 50/50 water with vinegar in a spray bottle and you have a natural cleaning solution that cuts through the dirt, creating that lovely streak-free shine! Use it like any other cleaner but see powerful results.

Wipe Your Windows with Microfiber Cloth

Cleaning your windows can also be done effectively by simply giving them a regular wipe over with a microfiber cloth. When it comes to window cleaning without chemicals, microfiber cloths are extremely effective as they help get rid of dirt and leave your windows with a streak and dust-free finish. And you don’t even need to use sprays or detergents! Instead, you can simply rely on the tiny fibers of the microfiber cloth to carry away all the dirt on your windows, leaving the glass perfectly clean.

Scrub Your Window with Newspaper

Newspaper is something many people in the know use to clean their windows. If you work systematically over your windows, you will be left with glass that is streak-free and lovely. It has been said that newspapers are the most effective window cleaning method to use as they provide streak-free windows and clean glass with minimum fuss.

Tea Tree Oil is a Great Disinfectant

If you’ve been in search of a cleaner that is a natural disinfectant for those horrible germs, look no further than tea tree oil. Tea tree oil has antibacterial qualities and can be used to clean the germs from windows. Tea tree oil is an extremely effective antibacterial cleaner and can be used all around your home! Simply spray onto your windows, wipe clean with a cloth and there you have it – clean, fresh, streak-free windows!

Quick Window Cleaning Tips

So, what’s a good routine to carry out when cleaning your windows without chemicals? Here’s an efficient method that can be completed in 3 simple steps:

  1. Begin with a wet sponge and wipe it over your window, wetting the entire surface of the glass. Add vinegar or tea tree oil for those marks that are a little trickier to remove.

  2. Next, squeegee the glass and remove all moisture. A squeegee is the best way to remove liquid from your windows without streaking.

  3. Finally, dry the glass with a microfibre cloth and give it a good polish with either a cotton tea towel or a newspaper.

And there you have it, our simple 3-part method for cleaning your windows without chemicals. It couldn’t be simpler!

Have You Found this Advice Useful?

If you’re trying to ditch chemical cleaners for natural products, we hope you’ve found this article useful! Getting rid of those cleaning chemicals is a lot easier than you may think and it will certainly keep your home and family healthier! Comment below with your experiences of cleaning without chemicals, we would love to hear from you!

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