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Cleaning Tips and Tricks I

DZ Cleaning has been in operation for 7 years, which means we have been cleaning homes for a while now. Hard to reach places and difficult tasks don't bother us.

Take an advantage of our knowledge and experience. Here are a few of our favorite house cleaning tips to easily keep your home fresh and clean:

1. Tidy up - The first thing you should do before you start the clean is: tidy up. If you let your rooms get junked up, there's no way to easily clean.

2. The "Top to bottom" rule - Dirt follows the laws of gravity just like everything else. Start cleaning at the top of a surface and work your way down. That way you're not shaking down dust and dirt onto anything you've already cleaned.

3. Dry dust and wipe before using a cleaning product - dust the surface with a clean cloth then apply the product. This will avoid streaks and will make your job easier.

4. Don't overuse cleaners - Use the appropriate amount of the cleaner. By using too much of the product, you can damage the surface.

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